Getting a bite to eat at the famous Lucy’s chicken celebrating Dave and Ernie jrs great qualifying results for tomorrow’s Trans Am race at Cota. Ernie Jr starts on pole in his TA3 corvette with a 2:19 time and Dave starts 2nd in his TA4 Camaro. Wish them luck!!

Despite not getting the finish we wanted the car showed pace all weekend after a killer setup from the team. We were able to qualify 1.5 seconds clear of the field of competitive drivers and cars, achieving a track record at the same time. At the start of the race I jumped out to an early lead and grew the gap to 30 seconds. Halfway through the race we noticed fuel consumption wasn’t what we hoped and I had to start conserving. I backed off the pace and began short shifting and lifting before the brake zones. With 2 laps left and the car running on fumes I coasted to a stop in the second to last turn, out of fuel. We had started the race with a full tank of 24 gallons knowing that the previous driver of the car would finish races with 5 to 7 gallons remaining in the tank. The car has never been run hard enough to know the full race distance it could go on a tank. Despite the bitter loss, we are positive with our outlook for Daytona. A larger fuel cell is being fitted to the car and we are ready to take home the last win of the season. Thank you to everybody who has gotten us this far. We are very excited to see where the end of the year takes us.

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