Not a bad race. Fernando SeferlĂ­s drive a wonder race and came in 6th. Dave Ricci had a piece of debris get stuck in his radiator. A long pit stop but he still brought home 5th. Ernie Ty Francis Jr. started 2nd next to a car that, if tech-ed properly, would fail. Drove hard in the 98 corvette but could not catch the 700 hp plus Viper. Reasonable people would ask why a car with a 200hp advantage would be aloud to race in this class. That’s what we asked, we received a lot of shoulder shrugs as an answer. I know this race was a for fun race, but it certainly calls in to question the consistency of the sanctioning body. Being the last race of the season we are looking to next year and wondering what kind of ship are we about to board.

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