A crazy start to our GTS debut in our Beta Tools of Italy – USA Ford PerformanceMustang Boss 302. We have been chasing chassis setup all weekend while learning the new Pirelli tire. A rear axle problem limited our qualifying to 2 laps and we secured 8th place in a very tight field. Our 1st race started and immediately it started to rain on half of the track. The race continued as we slide around the track. We had moved up to 6th then back to 8th as more rain came down. Smaller GT4 GTS cars seemed to have the edge as it got more wet. We ended our race 8th after it was cut short due to lightning. We are taking strides in setup every session and are now on pace with the leading Mustang. BOP (added 100 lbs to the Mustangs) is making it tough to compete for the lead but we are doing our best. It will come our way soon! Pirelli World Challenge Championships

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